Beatle News


Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

LONDON (LNS)—The Beatles are considering doing a series of free concerts in the U.S. next spring or early summer, according to a report in the rock tabloid, Rolling Stone. The concerts would be an expression of the Beatles’ thanks for support from their American fans.

The latest issue of Rolling Stone is chock full of other good Beatle data, such as:

  • The Beatles’ first concerts in two years will be two benefit performances in London in the middle of December.
  • In addition to the controversial “Revolution” (No. 1) on the Beatles new album, there is a song entitled “Revolution No. 9,” which is said “to consist mostly of screams and cackles, with the phrase ‘number nine, number nine’) being repeated now and then.”
  • The nude cover of John Lennon’s and Yoko Ono’s LP (which Capitol won’t handle) will be distributed in the U.S. by Bill Cosby’s company, Tetragrammaton, with a brown paper oversleeve. (John and Yoko will be visible from the face up.)
  • Cynthia Lennon got her divorce on the grounds of adultery. Yoko Ono was co-respondent.
  • Whereabouts of other Beatles: George Harrison in Los Angeles doing business stuff; Paul wandering around the world; and “Ringo, of course, has been spending his time quietly at home.”

(Dig Rolling Stone—it’s one of the best things going. It costs $6 for 26 issues, $10 for 52 issues, sub dept., Rolling Stone, 746 Brannan St., San Francisco, Calif. 94103.)

My only regret is…

WASHINGTON (LNS)—”My only regret is that I have but one shirt to give for my country,” announced Abbie Hoffman as he heard a Washington judge pronounce him guilty of desecrating the American flag.

According to the judge, Hoffman had overdone his patriotism by wearing stars-and-stripes shirt to a House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) session.

He was sentenced to 30 days, but he’s free pending the outcome of an appeal.