Fifth Estate # 73, February 20-March 5, 1969

Greek Junta Hits Students

ATHENS, Greece (LNS) – Greece’s military dictatorship has imposed a rigid code of conduct on university students. Greece is already under martial law, but the new code could be used if martial law is relaxed later this year, as promised by the dictatorship.

The code imposes stringent penalties on students who show “disrespect” or participate in strikes or demonstrations. The code also permits action against students “not imbued with the spirit compatible with the established system.”

Helmets Up 20 Points

TOKYO (LNS)—Japanese helmet makers, whose business increased 20% in 1968, are rubbing their hands at the prospect of massive student opposition to the U.S.-Japanese military security treaty which comes up for renewal in 1970.

They assume the confrontations with the cops will stimulate even greater sales among the students.

Yes, It Is

HOUSTON (LNS)—Robert Welch, president and founder of the John Birch Society, said recently in Houston that “the real purpose of sex education (in public schools) is to keep our high school youth obsessed with sex. They (the Communists) have pledged to destroy our whole generation of American youth.”

The Birchers plan to combat sex education and pornography this year by establishing local committees called “Movement to Restore Decency.”

“Within the Law”

BRYN ATHYN, Pa. (LNS)—No one can say that Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Pitcairn overlook their class role when it comes to “looking after the kids.”

The Pitcairns, who are millionaires, called the cops to arrest their 18-year-old daughter, Fawn, for possession of marijuana. “We have to live within the law; it was the only thing to do,” the Pitcairns told the AP. Fawn pleaded guilty and was placed on 18 months’ probation and ordered to earn her $300 fine.

ACLU Hits Probe

Concerned about the impact it may have on the exercise of First Amendment rights by students and faculty members on the state’s college campuses, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan (ACLU) today questioned the goals and purposes of the recently authorized State Senate investigation of state colleges and universities. [See “Michigan Witch Hunt,” FE #72, February 6 – 19, 1969.]

“Although the Senate said that the Committee was to investigate breaches of the peace and similar problems, the man assigned to head the investigation, Senator Robert Huber (R-Troy) has already focused on student publications, dramatic productions and other constitutionally protected student activities,” ACLU chairman Rolland O’Hare noted.

“The Senate resolution contains a thinly veiled threat to the budget allocations and structural independence of our colleges. It may have been intended to intimidate students, faculty members, administrators and the U-M Board of Regents and the other governing boards or it may not have been, but the effect is certain to be damaging to academic freedom and the spirit of free inquiry which is crucial to education.”

The ACLU of Michigan has, therefore, asked its attorneys to review the matter and to recommend appropriate action if required by events to safeguard the independence of our state educational institutions and the constitutional rights and liberties of students and faculty members.

Stokely Off To Africa

STOCKHOLM (LNS)—A Stockholm newspaper has reported that Stokely Carmichael and his wife, Miriam Makeba, are planning to move from New York City to Conacry, Guinea, in April.

The couple now has a house outside Manhattan. Miriam Makeba is currently performing in a Stockholm nightclub, and
Stokely has been with her for a month, UPI reported.


NEW YORK (LNS)—Roy Innis of CORE and Roy Wilkins of the NAACP have squared off against each other on the issue of Black Studies Departments and Black university dormitories such as the one at the University of Detroit.

Wilkins stated recently that black students’ demands are another form of Jim Crow, and he suggested that the NAACP might go to court to force authorities to take action against the students. Innis suggested that his group would support the students in their demands, and he said that Wilkins and the NAACP are now passe.

Innis said, “We support the demands of the black students as legitimate demands because of their need at this stage for black identity, self-awareness and togetherness. We are against the policy of integration and assimilation being offered by Mr. Wilkins. We say the civil rights movement is dead.”

WW II Catches Up

ST. LOUIS (LNS) – Michael S. Siskind, 21, a junior at Washington University, has been found guilty of attempting to destroy Government property. He was accused of placing a firebomb on the windowsill of the Washington University ROTC building.

Siskind is the first person ever convicted under the WW II Sabotage Act. He faces up to ten years in jail for his revolutionary act.

Americong Strikes

PALO ALTO, Calif. (LNS)—Some Viet Congs came over from red Asia and captured the post office building of Stanford Research Institute, noted cold war research tank.

Actually it wasn’t Viet Congs but rather a group of SDSers from Stanford University, who raised the National Liberation Front flag.

The gallant flag braved attempts by local jocks and right-wing forces to haul it down. Finally the Palo Alto Fire Department was called in and the Cong banner was lowered.