Sincavitch Set for Court Martial


Fifth Estate # 83, July 10-23, 1969

Tom Sincavitch, the Detroit GI who took sanctuary in St. Joseph’s Church this Spring is facing another court-martial the last week in July.

Sincavitch is being held in the Ft. Riley, Kansas stockade for refusing to report for duty. He had been put on active duty following his refusal to attend his Army Reserve meetings in Detroit. He called the training he was receiving “racist.”

He had been held in the stockade while the Army was deciding whether to grant him a discharge for the good of the service. His request was finally denied by the Commanding Officer at Ft. Riley on July 27.

Sincavitch’s attorney, Marc Kadish, said he will attempt to appeal the ruling, but that it will probably end up in a federal court suit.

In the meantime plans are being made for the court martial.

Since soldiers are guaranteed a public trial, Tom has invited everyone to come down to Ft. Riley and engage in the activities.

His lawyer has already announced that Detroit Resistance intends to apply for a permit to hold a rally on the base, supporting Tom.

Detroit Resistance is coordinating activities in the city and is holding a meeting July 11 at 7:00 pm to arrange for persons interested in going to the court martial. Direct action and leafleting the base is planned at Fort Riley.

Also, a rally and teach-in on Reserve riot control training will be held Monday, July 14, 8:00 pm featuring Tom’s wife and his attorney. Both functions will be held at St. Joseph’s Church. Call 874-4334 for more information.


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