Dix Coffee House Evicted


Fifth Estate # 92, November 13-26, 1969

WRIGHTSTOWN (LNS)—The GI movement at Ft. Dix is the largest and most advanced in the country, and this is due partly to the Coffeehouse for GIs in Wrightstown.

The organizing efforts of the Coffeehouse bring hundreds of GIs every week to relax, listen to music and talk about fighting imperialism, and they pulled off the first demonstration here when thousands of civilians invaded an Army base last Oct. 12.

These successes, however, have resulted in an eviction notice for Nov. 25: The sight of 10,000 people marching up their main street, and the spectre of rebellious GIs and future demonstrations, led the businessmen of the town to coerce the landlord to evict the Coffeehouse people.

The Coffeehouse is fighting the eviction in court; their case is being taken by the Emergency Civil Liberties Union.


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