Cop Killer Goes Free


Fifth Estate # 94, December 11-24, 1969

Justice—Detroit style. Danny Royster was convicted last week of manslaughter in the slaying of the only pig killed during the July 1967 uprising. One problem—Danny didn’t off the pig and everyone including the State admits to that fact.

What happened was that Danny and a buddy were liberating some goods from a store on the near Eastside when they were discovered by the 13th Precinct Big 4. One particularly vicious pig, Roy (Butterfingers) St. Onge who works the Warren-Forest area entered the smashed out storefront and whopped Royster upside the head with his shotgun.

The gun discharged and St. Onge blew away his unfortunate partner who was standing behind him. Tough shit.

As is the law, Royster was charged with 1st degree murder, since he was in the act of committing a felony when the shooting occurred. They could have charged him with a misdemeanor, but then there couldn’t have been the murder charge.

Royster was sentenced to five to fifteen years in prison for being hit in the head by a pig who subsequently went out and killed another “rioter” several hours later.