Not again


Fifth Estate # 95, December 26, 1969-January 7, 1970

SAN FRANCISCO (LNS)—People are determined not to allow the murderous police raids which have been carried out in Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas and other areas to occur in Berkeley and San Francisco.

A constant vigil has been established at Panther headquarters in both cities. The offices are filled at all times with thirty to forty people—black and white, very old to very young (some mothers with infants.)

They listen to recording and tapes of Panther leaders or participate in discussions with the Panthers in the office.

Periodically, taped phone conversations with the brothers and sisters in Los Angeles are brought in and played.

The calls tell of continued heavy action in L.A., with people attempting to clean up and repair the raided offices—especially the Central office, whose roof was dynamited in the raid—and the police going around periodically lobbing tear gas into the building to prevent the people from restoring their office.

Despite this, people keep coming. Despite the heavy tear gas, carpenters, electricians, a construction engineer, and many volunteers have still been carrying out their work.

In Detroit, several days after the West Coast raids, the West side headquarters of the Detroit Panthers was surrounded by police allegedly there to investigate a report of a stabbing.

Within minutes representatives from movement groups, the establishment media, aids of Cong. John Conyers and other citizens were in the house and the police called off their ruse.

Later, Commissioner Johannes Spreen announced a “fail-safe” plan to insure there would not be a Detroit repeat of Los Angeles. Among other assurances he said that no policemen under the rank of sergeant is allowed to even approach the headquarters.