Palestinian Refugees


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

Of all the issues raised by Israel’s fifty year anniversary, none holds more pain and longing, nor embodies the Palestinian experience more, than that of the refugees.

The U.S. War against the Iraqi People


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

If you were to ask most people in this country to define the Persian Gulf War, they probably would describe it as a victorious, six-week long military conflict, in which the U.S. repelled Iraq, a hostile invader, and restored the …

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The Empire’s War Was Averted

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Fifth Estate # 351, Summer 1998

By last count, 1.5 million Iraqis, one million of them children under five, have died as a result of the U.S./U.N. sanctions, either through starvation or from lack of medicine for easily curable diseases. People are dying at a rate …

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