1918: Russian Artists of the Anarchist Revolution


Fifth Estate # 349, Summer 1997

Three artists spent the night in the mansion, since outside the museum a studio was set aside for making art. As the artists told it, that memorial morning We were awakened by shouts of “We’ll shoot! Hands up!” Armed soldiers …

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Herbert Read’s Surrealism


Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

(for Federico Arcos) In 1937, at the opening of the London exhibition, “Surrealist Objects and Poems,” anarchist art critic Herbert Read delivered a short talk proclaiming the movement’s artists as “angels of anarchy.” The show’s catalogue cover also featured a …

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Sexual Anarchy

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Fifth Estate # 355, Fall-Winter, 2000

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris contains many tombs honoring artists and rebels, but the most striking of them all is the monument to the gay English playwright and anarchist Oscar Wilde. [1]

Toronto’s Anarchist Free School


Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

During last August’s Active Resistance gathering (see FE #352, Winter 1999) a discussion group on Community Organizing came up with a proposal to found a free school in Toronto.

News & Reviews

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Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

In his foreword to Clifford Harper’s Designs for Anarchist Postage Stamps: Postage Stamps for After the Revolution, Colin Ward reminds us that some public institutions are worth saving. No radical activist could deny the immense importance of sending and receiving …

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The Life of Guy Debord: A History


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

reviewed in this article Guy Debord—Revolutionary by Len Bracken, Feral House, Venice, California, 1997, 267 pp.

Anarchy in Toronto


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

TORONTO—Accompanied by much fanfare and a bit of controversy, this Canadian city was the setting August 17-23 for its second international anarchist/antiauthoritarian gathering in a decade. The organizers titled the event, “Active Resistance,” (AR), after the 1996 Chicago anarchist actions …

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Money Lures


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

I have long admired Brooklyn-based Richard Mock for his outspoken commitment to anarchism and clear-sighted attacks on contemporary injustices.

Punching Holes in Russian Capitalism


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

During the 1917 Russian revolution, anarchists urged workers to take control of their lives by turning the capitalists out and seizing control of the means of production, the better to reconstruct society along anarchistic lines.

Freedom, Individualism, Revolution


Fifth Estate # 350, Fall, 1997

Artistic anarchism has a long and complex history. Certainly one of its most interesting chapters in France is the development of two competing anarchist discourses about art’s libertarian possibilities during the years leading up to the ill-fated Paris Commune of …

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