A Debate on Tactics

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Fifth Estate # 330, Winter, 1988-89

FE Note: About 100 anarchists joined an Oct. 17th demonstration at the Pentagon to protest U.S. intervention in El Salvador which has resulted in 65,000 deaths to date. The action entitled “Blockade the Pentagon,” resulted in 200 protesters being arrested …

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Layabouts Release “No Masters” LP


Fifth Estate # 322, Winter-Spring, 1986

Enthusiasm about the work of friends is often taken skeptically, since the assumption is that one’s critical faculties are lessened by affection. Hence, a gushing review of the Layabouts’ new album, No Masters, from those of us on the Fifth …

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Debate on El Salvador

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Fifth Estate # 317, Summer 1984

  Ultra-Leftist Cliche Dear Cave-dwellers: Nice try, but you really make yourselves look a bit ignorant, not to mention self-righteous, in “El Salvador and Its Politicians” (FE #316, Spring 1984). Guillermo Ungo and his “reformist and Stalinist” FDR/FMLN might well …

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