Fifty Years Ago


Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), in the late 1960s, demolished 200 Berkeley homes to trench and submerge their rail system. BART then filled in tons of dirt on top of the tube it built and in this way “reclaimed” the …

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The Museum of Capitalism


Fifth Estate # 399, Fall, 2017

The Museum of Capitalism (MOC), in Oakland, California, was a provocation not solely for being situated in the Jack London waterfront district, a gentrified marina area, but also for occupying a white elephant of a building erected just as the …

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Beyond Automation


Fifth Estate # 396, Summer, 2016

The effect of automation on employment was first brought to the public’s attention by a 1964 report, The Triple Revolution, issued by a California-based liberal think tank, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions.

The ’60s, 40 Years Later


Fifth Estate # 378, Summer 2008

Forty years ago, like today, the country found itself in an unpopular war of imperial domination to vanquish, not “Islamo-Fascism,” but Communism. And, like then, the political system was thoroughly corrupt and in the hands of a cabal of stooges …

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I was corrupted by MAD (magazine)


Fifth Estate # 390, Fall, 2013

MAD, the wildly satirical humor magazine, was my primer for critical thinking in my early teens. This may seem an odd statement given the vacuous contents of the current magazine, but today’s MAD is a pale reflection of its initial …

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Happy Birthday, King Ludd!


Fifth Estate # 386, Spring, 2012

In the waning moonlight, three bands of sullen men with ash-blackened faces stealthed through the woods and dales of central Yorkshire, one of the first counties in England to industrialize.

Anarchy for Kids


Fifth Estate # 387, Summer, 2012

A review of Autonomy, Solidarity, Possibility: The Colin Ward Reader Damian White (Editor), Chris Wilbert (Editor), and Colin Ward, Paperback, 375pages, AK Press (Edinburgh, Oakland, Baltimore), 2011, $21.95