Magonismo Hits the Mainstream


Fifth Estate # 413, Spring, 2023

a review of Bad Mexicans: Race, Empire, and Revolution in the Borderlands by Kelly Lytle Hernández. WW Norton, New York, 2022

East/West World Dominance Game


Fifth Estate # 412, Fall, 2022

a review of Ukraine & the Empire of Capital: From Marketisation to Armed Conflict by Yuliya Yurchenko. Pluto Press, 2018

Underground Asia


Fifth Estate # 410, Fall, 2021

a review of Underground Asia: Global Revolutionaries and the Assault on Empire by Tim Harper. Harvard University Press 2021

Anarchy in Belarus


Fifth Estate # 409, Summer, 2021

The former Soviet republic of Belarus exploded into angry protests last August in the wake of contested presidential elections resulting in a totally implausible landslide victory for long-ruling strongman Alexander Lukashenko. Police, riot squads and army troops unleashed harsh repression, …

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World War 3 Illustrated


Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

a review of World War 3 Illustrated Assorted Authors & Artists AK Press

Two Faces of Fascism


Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

Around Lower Manhattan, storefronts have been boarded up since the looting in June. The plywood has been covered with murals and graffiti art on the theme of Black Lives Matter. Throughout June, angry protests were a daily affair, as in …

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Museum Chronicles Fightback & Victories Against Gentrification


Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

Above the front door to C-Squat, on Ave. C on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a weather-worn sign hangs from the fire escape reading “THIS LAND IS OURS, NOT FOR SALE,” with the squatter symbol of a circle bisected by a …

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Rome Squatters Face Clampdown


Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

It was a multicultural crowd that gathered in Rome’s Plaza San Silvestro to oppose the draconian Security Decree then pending in the Italian parliament. Popularly called the Salvini Law after Italy’s far-right Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, the Decree was aimed …

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Cuba Turns ‘Green Scare’ Fugitive Over to US


Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, a fugitive animal-rights activist, was intercepted by Cuban authorities in early August and turned over to the FBI.

True Stories


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

a review of True Stories: Tales from the Generation of a New World Culture by Garrick Beck. iUniverse, 2017