Negro Nazi Sprung by Breakthrough


Fifth Estate # 42, November 15-30, 1967

Joseph Patterson is a Negro. He is 14 years old and bright—an honors student at Miller Junior High School in Detroit. Joseph Patterson is a self-proclaimed Nazi and a member of Breakthrough, a local right-wing group. Some people, including teachers …

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Racism at Macomb


Fifth Estate # 74, March 5-19, 1969

Trustees of Macomb County Community College are considering a policy change which would effectively eliminate most of its black enrollment by phasing out non-residents of Macomb County.

Poverty: Detroit Style


Fifth Estate # 55, June 4-18, 1968

Just driving by, there is little difference between “The Castle” on the Lodge service down the street from the Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam offices, and the same kind of run-down building a few blocks away. Both …

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