Elegy for Greektown


Fifth Estate # 10, July 15, 1966

When I saw the olive oil had been diluted in what was once the most simpatico of Greektown restaurants, I heard the death rattle of Greektown. The first major casualty was the old Kozani Cafe (today’s Pink Panther) where there …

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Z – An Interview with Costa-Gavras


Fifth Estate # 105, May 14-27, 1970

NOTE: Costa-Gavras, the director of “Z,” was born in Athens, Greece in 1933. In 1964 he made his first film, “The Sleeping Car Murders” and since has completed “One Man Too Many” and “The Avowal.” While in New York for …

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Hell No, We Won’t Pay


Fifth Estate # 385, Fall, 2011

The international press is constantly writing about the economic crisis in Greece. Economic pundits speculate less about whether or not Greece will default but in what manner and when. Absent from these considerations is the massive popular revolt in Greece …

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Three Anarchist Rebellions on Film


Fifth Estate # 386, Spring, 2012

Hundreds of films take on anarchist themes in some manner, but only a handful deal with anarchist governance. Three of the most interesting of these are, Alexander the Great (Megalexandros, 1980, Greek), Viva Zapata! (1952, United States), and Rebellion in …

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