Joseph Déjacque


Fifth Estate # 412, Fall, 2022

Joseph Déjacque was a major 19th-century communist anarchist political theorist and visionary utopian writer, born in Besancon, France on December 27, 1821. To celebrate the bicentennial year of his birth, two New Orleans-based groups, are convening a Déjacque Bicentennial Conference …

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On Living in the World


Fifth Estate # 410, Fall, 2021

Recently, the Anarchist Political Ecology Group (the APE Group) read and discussed Ursula Le Guin’s book Always Coming Home. Though it’s a work I often go back to, this was the first time I had read it cover to cover …

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The Utopian


Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

a review of The Utopian: A journal of Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism, August 2000, 58 pp. Published by The Utopian Publishing Co., P.O. Box 387, College Station, New York, NY 10030. $5.00 for one issue or $8.00 for two.

Kropotkin’s Ideas


Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

a review of Graham Purchase, Evolution & Revolution: An Introduction to the Life and Thought of Peter Kropotkin (Petersham, Australia: Jura Books, 1996)

Living Our Lives


Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

If anarchist politics, the politics of communal liberation, is to escape from its present historical impasse, it must become, above all, a practice of creating the free community, here and now.

Anarchic Justice at the End of History


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

It has been said that self-preservation is the first law of nature, and that the basis of justice lies in protecting ourselves from one another. This is a perennial lie of the system of domination.

Raging Against the Machine


Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

a review of Red Round Globe Hot Burning: A Tale at the Crossroads of Commons and Closure, of Love and Terror, of Race and Class, and of Kate and Ned Despard by Peter Linebaugh. University of California Press, 2019

The Dialectic of Enchantment


Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019

According to a certain conventional wisdom, there has been an unfortunate disenchantment of the world, and what is desperately needed is that we rediscover and recreate an enchanted world. This is, however, at best a half truth, and perhaps even …

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The Revolution Will be Powered by Shakti Energy


Fifth Estate # 403, Spring 2019

I traveled to Dharamsala, India in 2005 to set up a one-month summer study program, in collaboration with the Louisiana Himalaya Association, and have taken groups of students there periodically since then. During last summer’s trip, we visited renowned ecofeminist …

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Anything Can Happen—Or Not


Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

“Sous les paves, la plage!” [Under the paving stones, the beach!] —Revolutionary slogan; Paris 1968 1968 was an “Anything Can Happen” kind of year.