Anarchy in Eugene

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Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

The “Whiteaker” is Eugene, Oregon’s oldest and poorest neighborhood. Over the past few years some significant anarchy-type situations have developed in Eugene, especially in Whiteaker.

Zerzan Replies


Fifth Estate # 330, Winter, 1988-89

Bob Brubaker’s defense of agriculture [this issue, FE #330, Winter, 1988-89] seems to have two main components, one in which agriculture itself recedes in favor of “symbolic exchange.” Here it is argued that “symbolism, not agriculture, was the sun around …

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Agriculture: Essence of Civilization


Fifth Estate # 329, Summer, 1988

Introduction Almost all John Zerzan essays feature accompanying introductions in which the word most frequently used to describe his method and conclusions is “provocative,” (see, for instance, Anarchy, Summer 1987). Some may think this only an ugly little term meant …

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The Case against Art


Fifth Estate # 324, Fall, 1986

Art is always about “something hidden.” But does it help us connect with that hidden something? I think it moves us away from it.

Anarchy in the Age of Reagan

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Fifth Estate # 322, Winter-Spring, 1986

Renew the Earthly Paradise Present Day Banalities The two essays printed here were written in response to a questionnaire sent out by the Italian anarchist magazine, Rivista anarchica, investigating the present situation for North American anarchist and libertarian groups and …

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Death & the Zeitgeist


Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

We are in mass society’s Age of Pandemics. At this stage of civilization nothing is stable or secure. The Age of Pandemics is also the Age of Extinction, as in no longer existing. Death as an existential, ontological matter. Nursing …

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Fifth Estate # 321, Indian Summer, 1985

  Introduction In his article on the idea of number, John Zerzan completes what appears to have become a trilogy on the origins and development of abstraction, and the accompanying alienation of humanity from nature and from the sources of …

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Withdrawal & Re-Entry


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

Maybe the best single word that describes things today is withdrawal.



Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

Transhumanism, which rarely rates a mention in the media, suddenly had a brief moment of infamy recently due to the reported interest in it by the late, evil, child sex trafficker, Jeffry Epstein.

Confronting the Enemy

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Fifth Estate # 314, Fall 1983