The Assault on the Pentagon


Fifth Estate # 341, Spring 1993

October 21, 1992 marked 25 years ago that a huge anti-war demonstration swept past the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and over the bridges into Virginia, wave after wave of young anti-warriors crashing against the walls of the Pentagon. // …

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The Third World


Fifth Estate # 341, Spring 1993

“To give food aid to a country just because they are starving is a pretty weak reason.” —Henry Kissinger // Share this on…

The U.N. & the Debt


Fifth Estate # 340, Autumn 1992

Last December, Lawrence Summers the chief economist for the World Bank issued a surprisingly forthright memorandum to other senior World Bank staff in which he called for the distribution of toxic wastes and pollution away from the big industrialized nations …

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Thousands Said ‘No’ to Gulf War


Fifth Estate # 337, Late Summer, 1991

Before the bombing of Iraq started, the paper of record—The Star (yes, that’s right, the supermarket tabloid)—reported that Sylvester Stallone had turned down an invitation from Marine Commandant Alfred Gray, Jr. to entertain the troops in the Gulf. // Share …

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Resister Update


Fifth Estate # 338, Winter, 1992

FE readers may remember the case of Danny Gillis [Fifth Estate #337, Late Summer 1991], a black man from Baltimore, who refused to board the Marine Corps bus to Saudi Arabia last December 17, and was beaten up (with his …

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Bush Ready for Next War


Fifth Estate # 338, Winter, 1992

Bush is clearly gearing up for another “short” war before next year’s elections. Although many people have mentioned Cuba, Libya, and Korea as possible targets, it is likely he’ll go back into Iraq to “finish the job.” // Share this …

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Murder In Nigeria


Fifth Estate # 347, Spring, 1996

In the old days, when the state hung somebody and the braided rope broke or the gallows came crashing to the ground it was taken by God-fearing men as a sign that a mistake had been made and the condemned …

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Glowing in the Gulf


Fifth Estate # 350, Fall, 1997

For years, the U.S. government has denied that the Gulf War Syndrome exists, refusing to admit the severity of illnesses suffered by tens of thousands of veterans of that conflict. Recent studies, however, show that the soldiers’ illnesses are indeed …

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