A Different Kind of Rambo


Fifth Estate # 321, Indian Summer, 1985

In all the-publicity and controversy over the film “Rambo: First Blood, Part II,” an interesting comparison of fictional characters named Rambo might add to our understanding of how and why such characters are created and received. While Johnny Rambo is …

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Terrorism & Media


Fifth Estate # 323, Summer, 1986

“Is any given bombing…the work of leftist extremists, or of extreme right-wing provocation, or staged by centrists to bring every terrorist extreme into disrepute and to shore up its own failing power, or again, is it a police-inspired scenario in …

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Madness and Nuclear Drama on TV


Fifth Estate # 312, Spring 1983

Within the space of one week in March, two films dealing with different aspects of nuclear madness appeared on Network television. In “The China Syndrome,” a film which had been released right at the time of the Three Mile Island …

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How ‘Mad’ was Norman?


Fifth Estate # 312, Spring 1983

FE NOTE: The following article arrived in the mail just as our last issue was going to the printer. Since that time, the government has closed the case on the shooting of Norman Mayer on Dec. 8, 1982 and his …

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