A Radicalization of Reich


Fifth Estate # 383, Summer, 2010

Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism (MPF) was written in 1933, at the peak of Hitler’s rise to power. The book is, most immediately, an attempt to explain the victory of the Nazis, at a time when economic hardship …

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Return to Self-Reliance


Fifth Estate # 384, Spring, 2011

In “Self-Reliance” Emerson tells us that our alienation consists of living in a world that does not manifest our genius. We trust only in society and do not trust in fate. Society is built on a secondary selfhood that has …

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Against Negation… Or, Positively Revolting


Fifth Estate # 386, Spring, 2012

By its own lights, the history of modernity has been a history of resentment, despair, and annihilation. God is dead, and nothing is permitted. The echo, in every cell of our dark prison, is a resounding “No!”

To Abolish Rape, Overthrow Male Desire


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

In at least some of its aspects, human culture functions as an elaborate system of sexual rituals–not substitutive satisfactions, in the Freudian sense, but social performances that organize sexual energies, and that bring sexual forces into a living, symbolic order …

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