Dancing for Our Lives


Fifth Estate # 361, Summer 2003

The following essay [“The Decline of the Choral Dance,” FE #361, Summer 2003] couldn’t have entered my consciousness at a better time. It was 1962, and I had spent my late teens and early twenties reading intensely in an attempt …

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In 1936 Spain

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Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

Discussed in this article: The CNT in the Spanish Revolution, Vol. 1, by José Peirats, translated by Paul Sharkey, edited by Chris Ealham, 348 pp., (24 pp. photographs). The Meltzer Press, P.O. Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 2UX, England, …

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Y2K: Will it all fall apart?


Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

Previous to this era, opponents of capitalism, particularly marxists, but also anarchists, saw the internal contradictions inherent in the political economy as the basis of the system’s overthrow; the working class was to be the agency of revolution. Other marxist …

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A Speed bump in the road?

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Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

The following interview with Chris Clark, editor of the Earth Island Journal, publication of Earth Island Institute, was taped the week of January 18. I chose Clark to interview since he and his organization seem sensible in their theoretical and …

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Profane Existence publishes last issue


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

We received word in mid-October that Minneapolis’ Profane Existence magazine was printing its last issue. The collective also announced cessation of their wholesale and mail order distribution, and record production operations. // Share this on…

Love & Rage Implodes


Fifth Estate # 352, Winter, 1999

Talk about going out, not with a bang, but a whimper. Love & Rage, the failed attempt at a continental anarchist federation, formally imploded earlier this year. So insignificant was their demise that we were unable to find out any …

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Hiroshima, First Shot of World War III

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Fifth Estate # 345, Winter, 1995

Introduction by R. Relievo As E.B. Maple points out in the following article (which first appeared in FE #285, August 1977), the atomic bombings of civilians by the American Army Air Corps at the end of World War II was …

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Noam Chomsky

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Fifth Estate # 344, Summer, 1994

Noam Chomsky is a major figure in 20th Century linguistics although best known for his social and political criticism. He has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1955. // Share this on…

The 2020 Election


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

The 2020 Michigan presidential primary on March 10 marked the end of the progressive fantasy that the American political landscape could be altered by supporting U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Party nominee. // Share this on…

A history of a little Detroit printing co-op


Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

a review of The Politics of the Joy of Printing: The Detroit Printing Co-op by Danielle Aubert. Artbook/D.A.P. // Share this on…