Anarchist Poetics


Fifth Estate # 373, Fall 2006

“[The poet never] voices received opinions, or gives clear expression to the confused feelings of ‘the masses’: that is the function of the politician, the journalist, the demagogue.” — Herbert Read, “Art and Alienation” “Poetry is the end(s) of politics.” …

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The Strategy of Concealment


Fifth Estate # 375, Spring 2007

Often, when I turn to the anarchist press these days, it’s certain I’ll find someone commenting on the lack of “clarity” in the discourse of the movement. In a recent editorial in Anarchy, for example, Lawrence Jarach writes “there is …

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The Intimacies of Noise


Fifth Estate # 376, Halloween, 2007

“One never really contests an organization of existence without contesting all of that organization’s forms of language.” –Debord, On the Passage of a Few Persons…