On Poland and Power

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Fifth Estate # 310, Fall 1982

Thanks again for running my article on Poland, and for E.B. Maple’s reply. (See FE #309, June 19, 1982, “The Collapse in Poland”) Maple seems a little over-anxious for a dispute on the questions raised, in some cases going out …

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The Collapse in Poland


Fifth Estate # 309, June 19, 1982

“Winter is yours, Spring is ours!” —Solidarity Painted across a thousand walls in Poland, this promise reminds us that the democratic upsurge there is far from buried. A certain phase of the movement has ended. When the movement reappears its …

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The State & Nuclear Power


Fifth Estate # 290, March 2, 1978

Related: see “Technology and the State: An Introduction” in this issue. For the anti-nuclear movement the question “What forces have pushed the development of nuclear power in the U.S.?” should be an important one. For in the cause one usually …

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Did Pacifists Block Militant Action?


Fifth Estate # 285, August, 1977

.   Caption for photos: Contrasted with the U.S., European anti-nuclear demonstrations often result in violent clashes with police. Scene above (l.) shows a Clamshell demonstrator practicing nonviolence being dragged away by a New Hampshire State Trooper, May 1 at …

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