A Sacco and Vanzetti Mystery with a Modern Twist


Fifth Estate # 409, Summer, 2021

a review of Suosso’s Lane by Robert Knox (Web-e-Pub 2016). web-e-books.com/suosso/paperback.html

Novels of Michael Ondaatje


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

a review of In the Skin of a Lion (1987); The English Patient (1993) by Michael Ondaatje

Literature not Flyers


Fifth Estate # 397, Winter, 2017

a review of Small Beauty by Jia Qing Wilson-Yangas. Metonymy Press, 2016, $16.95 CAD

Albert Cossery


Fifth Estate # 377, March 2008

Anarchist Albert Cossery’s books are the most irreverent that I’ve ever read, ridiculing those in power, the police, the wealthy, and the stupidities of our industrial society. Everything our puritanical society deems important–material wealth, ambition, proper conduct, hard work, university …

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