Future Shock: 2077


Fifth Estate # 409, Summer, 2021

The prisons? Open. The army? Disbanded. And much more, besides. // Share this on…

Minneapolis Athanor


Fifth Estate # 407, Fall, 2020

Beautiful, marvelous weeks. America is on fire, america is shining, america is a flower of joyful rage. A dead tree, bearing unexpected fruit. // Share this on…

The Liberation of the Word


Fifth Estate # 406, Spring, 2020

The liberation of the word & the liberation of the world are codependent. Revolutionary writing should not be grammatically pure, disinterested or unpoetic. It should not be written from the cold vantage point of an absent silent god. // Share …

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The Trials & Tribulations of Mrs. Whale Head


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

During Whale Head’s sleep, her organs grew very impatient and bored since they had become hyper intelligent. In order to amuse themselves, they read all the books in a twenty-seven-mile radius by spatial osmosis, and also managed to solve the …

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