Whose Precarity Is It Anyway?


Fifth Estate # 374, Winter 2007

“The condition today described as that of the precarious worker is perhaps the fundamental reality of the proletariat. And the modes of existence of workers in 1830 are quite close to those of our temporary workers.” — Jacques Ranciere, The …

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Revelation Vertigo


Fifth Estate # 375, Spring 2007

“Autonomy is both the goal sought after and that whose presence–virtual–let us say, has to be supposed at the outset of an analysis or a political movement. This virtual presence is the will to autonomy, the will to be free.” …

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Workers’ Inquiry


Fifth Estate # 380, Spring 2009

The autonomist political theorist and strategist Mario Tronti in his classic book Operai e capital argued that weapons for working class revolt have always been taken from the bosses’ arsenal.