Antiwar Battle at the Pentagon


Fifth Estate # 41, November 1-15, 1967

WASHINGTON, D.C. Liberation News Service—On October 21, 1967, the white left got its shit together.

Pigman Meets the Super Media


Fifth Estate # 68, December 12-25, 1968

NEW YORK (LNS)—The media of the revolution is mushrooming through America. The growth of the underground and movement press is phenomenal. Equally notable is the outrage and fear which it creates in those whose interests it opposes. As the radical …

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Hate In The Haight


Fifth Estate # 59, August 1-14, 1968

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., JULY 19 (Libeeration News Service)—The scene in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury was tense Friday evening. Street confrontations between cops and free men had occurred the two previous nights and more street activity was expected into the weekend. On …

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HUAC on the Make


Fifth Estate # 63, October 3-16, 1968

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 (Liberation News Service)—The HUAC circus is coming to town once more. And the fireworks should fly in Washington.