Fifth Estate # 360, Spring, 2003

As techno-urbanism extends its dominion, imposing mechanized regimentation on all modes of experience, human nature with-as for want of living sustenance. Deprived of the life-enhancing conditions for expressive self-development, humans in the megamachine become self-alienated rather than self-actualized. The world …

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Analyzing Authoritarian Narcissism


Fifth Estate # 362, Fall, 2003

Analyzing the contemporary struggle against the increasingly concentrated power of mega-corporations (and of those politicians who serve them) is actually a struggle against the pathologies of an international ruling class. In the most general terms, it is a fight for …

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Civilization as Dis-ease


Fifth Estate # 373, Fall 2006

“The friendly and flowing savage, who is he? Is he waiting for civilization, or is he past it and mastering it?” — Walt Whitman Early in 1905, Leo Tolstoy wrote to a close friend in England: “Yesterday and today I …

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