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image, Fifth Estate t-shirt, blackFifth Estate t-shirt (sorry, domestic US orders only)

Black only
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
$30 with one year subscription or renewal;
$20 as single item.






image, Country Joe and the Fish memorabilia1968 Woodstock Country Joe & the Fish Memorabilia

Autographed photo of historic performance; autographed lyric sheet for “Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die Rag;” & guitar pick with “Gimme an ‘F’” inscribed on it, the first words of the Fish Cheer

$50 with one year subscription;
$50 as single item.



cover image, Subjectivity and Liberal ScholarshipObjectivity & Liberal Scholarship by Noam Chomsky

One of the best short histories of the Spanish Revolution available. Black &Red, 142pp.

$20 with one year subscription;
$5 as single item.

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image, Layabouts album cover, Workers of the World, Relax!

Workers of the World RELAX

The Layabouts CD. Detroit’s legendary anarcho-world music band.

$20 with one year subscription;
$10 as single item.


Special offers with 1-yr sub

Special offers with 1-yr sub