A short statement by an eminent American

...on what you should have done if you were walking down 12th Street on July 23rd and saw mobs of people looting and burning and rioting


Fifth Estate # 37, September 1-15, 1967

Editor’s note: The following article appeared on the Religion Page of the Detroit Free Press of August 19, 1967. It refers to the creative use of natural rhythm.

A leading doctor and editor of the national Journal of the American Institute of Hypnosis suggested that techniques of hypnosis be used to control riots in the future.

Dr. William Joseph Bryan, Jr., M.D., of Los Angeles, said in a sermon at the Dearborn Baptist Temple, “In controlling riots, we must consider how they are caused,” said Dr. Bryan. “They are caused by professional agitators who hypnotize the people with incendiary speeches and repetitive stimuli until the multitude is persuaded.”

“Therefore, to stop a riot, you must first gain the rioters’ attention. This can be accomplished by playing the national anthem, a well-known religious hymn, or other attention getter.

“When the mob’s attention is captured, one must quickly divert the mob to an acceptable method of letting off steam.”

“In concrete terms, your sound truck plays the national anthem and an announcement is made that a free dance with free refreshments is being held right here and now in the middle of the street and everyone is invited to join. The vast majority of citizens would rather dance than vandalize.” He also suggested launching immediately sports and other activities.