Viet Solidarity Week


Fifth Estate # 64, October 17-30, 1968

The Movement in town is gearing itself for a week of political action this month, covering a variety of issues but organized around the theme of “Solidarity with the Vietnamese People.” Actions will be held around the country on this day.

The main event of the week is a mass march down Woodward Avenue to Kennedy Square slated for Saturday afternoon, October 26. The demonstration will culminate in a rally at Kennedy Square, with Peggy Terry of the National Community Union, Andy Stapp of the GI Servicemen’s Union, and Tom Hayden of the National Mobilization Committee as the featured speakers.

In addition, two educational events and two target demonstrations are being planned. On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Wayne State SDS will run a teach-in of “Electoral Politics and the Failure of American Liberalism.” The teach-in will discuss the nature of political parties: their relationship to local and national power structure: and the general inadequacy of liberal reformism as a means of social transformation.

As an outgrowth of the “GI Summer of Support, in which the anti-war movement made a concerted and largely successful effort to make contact with large numbers of soldiers, The Resistance is organizing a demonstration at Selfridge Air Force Base for Wednesday, Oct. 23. The action will attempt to establish relationships with the GI’s at the base.

On Thursday, Oct. 24, Wayne State SDS is sponsoring a demonstration at the General Offices of the Chrysler Corporation (Massachusetts at Oakland, Highland Park). This action will protest the militarism and racism of the American corporate structure, as typified by Chrysler—the firm is a major producer of military goods for Vietnam, has large investments in South Africa’s racist economy, and maintains investments throughout the underdeveloped world.

In addition, it will express solidarity with the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM), the militant black union which has been fighting for an end to racism and a representative union for workers at the Dodge Main factory.

On Friday, October 25, the Student Mobilization Committee is sponsoring a “Critical University” at Wayne State. This is an adaptation of a form used by French students during the rebellion of last Spring, in which classrooms and lecture halls were turned into open forums on revolutionary theory, political activism, and related issues.

Taken as a whole, Vietnam Solidarity Week has a positive thrust on two levels. First, it is the first mass manifestation of opposition to the war that Detroit has seen in many months. As such, it will refocus public attention on the war in the middle of the election campaign. In addition, the emphasis on education programs and on target demonstrations during the week will have the effect of raising the political tone and content of the actions.

Check Calendar on page 22 for exact times of events.


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