NLF Marine


Fifth Estate # 96, January 8-21, 1970

HANOI (LNS)—A U.S. Marine has left his unit, has joined up with soldiers of the National Liberation Front (NLF), and has issued an open letter to his former comrades-in-arms inviting them to follow him in this ultimate act of GI rebellion.

A dispatch from Prensa Latina, the Cuban news agency, identified the rebel Marine as Paul M. Sweeney, serial number 2467056.

In his open letter to U.S. servicemen, Sweeney says that “it is necessary to struggle against those people who have sent us to Vietnam, those who keep us here.”

“You may think I am a traitor to the United States. I am a traitor, yes, a traitor to the U.S. of the Rockefellers and the Morgans and all the rest. I have never been nor will I ever be a traitor to the American people, for they are opposed to this brutal war.”

Sweeney also proposed that American soldiers stage a March on Saigon demanding peace. Soldiers from the puppet army will probably join with us, Sweeney said, noting that “Nixon can’t fight alone.”


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