Dead Meat


Fifth Estate # 349, Summer 1997

a review of Dead Meat, drawings by Sue Coe, with an essay by Alexander Cockburn, Four Walls Eight Windows Press, New York-London, 1996, $22.

Mother Earth


Fifth Estate # 356, Spring, 2002

a review of Anarchy! An Anthology of Emma Goldman’s Mother Earth, Edited with Commentary by Peter Glassgold, Counterpoint, 2001, 428 pages, $25.

Nike Moon


Fifth Estate # 353, Summer, 1999

Harvest moon. Moon of the spirits. Cactus moon. Grandmother moon. Nike moon. Nike moon??

Revolt of the Bats


Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

North America, Turtle Island, taken by invaders who wage war on the world, May ants, may abalone, otters, wolves, and elk rise! and pull away their giving from the robot nations. ——Gary Snyder, Mother Earth: Her Whales The animals are …

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The Centralia Massacre


Fifth Estate # 346, Summer, 1995

As we travel north on Oregon’s Highway Five, from Portland towards Seattle, places and names go by: Castle Rock, Cougar, Mt. St. Helens, Onalaska. A November rain is falling, light rain, blessed rain. We cross the Chehalis river and then …

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