Evergreen 19 Beat Rap

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Fifth Estate # 330, Winter, 1988-89

A minor victory in the midst of an ongoing major disaster, the “Evergreen 19” have walked free, but only from the stench of a courtroom. After prolonged exposure to exhausting testimony on our disorderly conduct charges and a judge who …

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The Return of Son of Dead Kennedys


Fifth Estate # 322, Winter-Spring, 1986

An excerpt from an exclusive Detroit interview with Jello Biafra, lead singer of the Dead Kennedys, one of the more famous hardcore bands. In 1979 Jello ran for mayor of San Francisco, finishing fourth out of ten with a ‘platform’ …

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Poletown: Community Betrayed


Fifth Estate # 335, Winter, 1990-91

a review of Poletown: Community Betrayed by Jeanie Wylie. 1989, University of Illinois Press // Share this on…

Busking behind the Barricades


Fifth Estate # 398, Summer, 2017

a review of A Busker’s Adventure by David Rovics. Various e-book formats at davidrovics.com/ // Share this on…

Introduction to Radical Education


Fifth Estate # 366, Fall, 2004

In Deschooling Society, sociologist Ivan Illich explains how “school either keeps people for life or makes sure that they will fit into some institution.” In our special section on “Unschooling the World,” the Fifth Estate maps alternatives to this institutionalized …

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CIA Interrogation Techniques Revealed


Fifth Estate # 351, Summer 1998

A review of: In TERRORgation: The CIA’s Secret Manual on Coercive Questioning, edited by Jon Elliston and Charles Overbeck, illustrated, Parascope, 1430 Willamette, #329, Eugene, OR 97401, 56 pp., $5.95 or www.parascope.com // Share this on…

A Brief Story of The Clash, Radio & the Fifth Estate


Fifth Estate # 393, Spring 2015

a review of Stealing All Transmissions: The Secret History of The Clash by Randal Doane, Foreword by Barry “The Baker” Auguste, 2014, PM Press, 192 pp. $15.95 pmpress.org // Share this on…