Emma Goldman: An Appreciation


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

50 years after her death More successfully than any other figure in US history, Emma Goldman communicated an anarchist vision to a broad audience of immigrants, native-born middle-class, and workers.

Spain: model for anarchist organizing


Fifth Estate # 386, Spring, 2012

  a review of The CNT in the Spanish Revolution, Volume I by Jose Peirats, Edited and Introduced by Chris Ealham; Translated by Paul Sharkey PM Press / Christie Books; 432pp, 628; www.pmpress.org

Emma Goldman: A Love for Revolution


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

a review of Emma Goldman: Political Thinking in the Streets by Kathy E. Ferguson. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Maryland, 2011, 362 pp, $35.