Emma Goldman and the Russian Revolution

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Fifth Estate # 334, Summer, 1990

Dear Fifth Estate: While I appreciate David Porter’s long and serious review of my book, Emma Goldman in Exile (see FE #333, Winter 1990), I’d like to take issue with some of his points. Porter criticizes my “intrusiveness” for allegedly …

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Emma Goldman: An Appreciation


Fifth Estate # 334, Summer, 1990

Emma Goldman (June 27, 1869-May 14, 1940) was known as “the most dangerous woman in America” by the press in such articles as those to the right which chronicled a visit by her to Windsor, Ontario, across the border from …

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The Anarchist Spectre in Eastern Europe


Fifth Estate # 335, Winter, 1990-91

Rarely is an entire region of the world so caught up in the collapse of hierarchical politics as Eastern Europe of a year ago. The infamous “spectre of anarchy” astonished and horrified Communist, dissident and Western politicians alike as millions …

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Emma Goldman in Exile


Fifth Estate # 333, Winter, 1990

a review of Emma Goldman in Exile: From the Russian Revolution to the Spanish Civil War, Alice Wexler, Beacon Press, Boston, 1989, 301 pp.

Spain ’36


Fifth Estate # 323, Summer, 1986

Imagine the United States split regionally into conservative-fascist and leftist popular front-anarchist zones. Civil war rages at the shifting boundary lines with half the country under the domination of an insurgent military right-wing junta determined to destroy the elected government …

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May Days 1937


Fifth Estate # 328, Spring, 1988

a review of The May Days, Barcelona 1937 by A. Souchy, B. Bolloten, Emma Goldman and Jose Peirats, Freedom Press, London, 1987, 128 pages, $5.00

Free Women of Spain


Fifth Estate # 339, Spring, 1992

a review of Free Women of Spain: Anarchism and the Struggle for the Emancipation of Women, by Martha A. Ackelsberg (Indiana University Press, 1991)

Will Franco Era Spanish Fascists Finally Be Brought to Justice?


Fifth Estate # 393, Spring 2015

On October 31, an Argentine judge, Maria Servini de Cabria, issued international arrest warrants and extradition requests to question and try 20 Spanish Franco-era officials accused of crimes against humanity from 1939 to 1975.

Writing on Fire


Fifth Estate # 375, Spring 2007

Studying in Paris during the intense final year (1961 through 1962) of the Algerian war for independence, I became hooked on Algeria and the potentials of revolutionary politics. In 1965 through 1966, I pursued on-site doctoral research on Algeria’s most …

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In Revolutionary Spain, Workers Made the Anarchist Vision Real


Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 - Anarchy!

a review of Anarchism and Workers’ Self-Management in Revolutionary Spain by Frank Mintz. AK Press, 2013, 326pp., $19, akpress.org