Fifth Estate # 19, December 1-15, 1966

a review of Vietnam! Vietnam! by Felix Greene, Fulton Publishing Co Hardcover $5.50, Softcover $2.95.



Fifth Estate # 11, July 30, 1966

The possible trial and execution of United States airmen as war criminals by the Hanoi government has been handled by the administration and by the press as a crucial turning point in the war in Vietnam. Partially to justify the …

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Fifth Estate # 9, June, 1966

  SDS Free University For as long as the “New Left” has been in existence, “New Leftniks” have talked about the need for serious thought and analysis within the various “movements” which have arisen: analysis of American society, its history, …

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DCEWV Denounces U.S. Escalation


Fifth Estate # 4, February 12-March 1, 1966

To no one’s great surprise, the United States has resumed the bombing of a sovereign nation with which it is not at war. This was clearly done to stem the rising tide of criticism of the war, which was beginning …

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Vietnam—Why? Why Not


Fifth Estate # 6, March 20-April 1, 1966

I would like at this time to point out what I believe to be the central considerations involved in my position that the United States is totally unjustified in pursuing its current policy in Vietnam.

Black Groups Lead Boycott of News


Fifth Estate # 78, May 1-14, 1969

Pig-paper reporters don’t wear blue uniforms.

Black Students Protest


Fifth Estate # 76, April 3-16, 1969

Black high school students escalated their Spring Offensive March 26 in a city-wide demonstration at the School Center Building, headquarters of the Detroit Board of Education.

Women’s Liberation


Fifth Estate # 74, March 5-19, 1969

Joyce recently had a baby. She had tried to obtain birth control pills, but couldn’t because of rules which said she had to be married to get a prescription from Planned Parenthood. After discovering that she was pregnant, she attempted …

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Unrest at Mackenzie


Fifth Estate # 71, January 23-February 5, 1969

Mackenzie High School, located on Wyoming and Chicago, has been the scene of picketing, walkouts and militant assemblies since the beginning of the fall semester in September. The cause of the conflict, as in many Detroit inner-city schools, has been …

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Fifth Estate # 91, October 30-November 12, 1969

“I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar-crooked fingers out of the business of these nations so full of depressed, exploited people, they will arrive at a solution of their own.” —General David M. Shoupe, …

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