Janis Joplin


Fifth Estate # 41, November 1-15, 1967

Mark me words, Janis Joplin is fated to be the next American pop superstar.

Rock and Jazz


Fifth Estate # 32, June 15-30, 1967

Talk to almost any parent with “teen aged” children and you can hear the same litany endlessly chanted: rock is tasteless (American society being so notable for its good taste!), rock is loud, the only thing that counts is the …

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No Rock-Jazz Merger Seen, but Close


Fifth Estate # 36, August 15-31, 1967

In effect, rock has become the white man’s jazz. Bob Dylan, had he been born black, would surely have found a place somewhere in the jazz revolution; and a white Archie Shepp (the mind boggles!) would feel quite at home …

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