The Dragons of Brno


Fifth Estate # 347, Spring, 1996

Share this on… Hanging above the entrance way to the Town Hall of Brno, the capital of Moravia, is a Dragon. The famous Dragon of Brno. The Monster, which stares down through glassy eyes upon all who enter this seat

Welcome to the Idiocene


Fifth Estate # 392, Fall/Winter 2014 - Art & Anarchy

Share this on… It has been proposed that the present era of life on earth should be called the Anthropocene to reflect the human domination of our planet. However, an elegant, scientific-sounding term like anthropocene seems like a cop-out, a

Zen Anarchy


Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

Share this on… What is the Sound of One Hand making a Clenched Fist? If you see a Black Flag waving on the Flagpole, what moves? Does the flag move? Does the wind move? Does the revolutionary movement move? Share

“The Politics of the Imagination”


Fifth Estate # 385, Fall, 2011

Share this on… [The] utopia of domination is utopia as escapism. This danger is especially real for those utopians who have been frustrated in their efforts to realize their dreams, or who do not even reach the level of praxis.

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