Comments on Revolutionary Violence

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Fifth Estate # 288, December 1977

Share this on… Muswell Hillbillie Responds: Hi FE Folks, After reading the two letters (FE #287, October 28, 1977) responding to my article in the August FE (#285, August, 1977), I have decided to abandon the use of the term

Review of Dolgoff Cuba Book


Fifth Estate # 286, September, 1977

Share this on… a review of Sam Dolgoff, The Cuban Revolution, A Critical Perspective; Copyright 1976, Black Rose Books, Ltd., Montreal; $5.95. Share this on…

On Terrorism and Authoritarianism


Fifth Estate # 285, August, 1977

Share this on… “He who humbles himself wills to be exalted.” —Nietzsche I would like to present some thoughts and comments on terrorist organizations and activities in general and on the SLA and “The Last SLA Statement” in this context.

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