Comments on Revolutionary Violence

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Fifth Estate # 288, December 1977

// Share this on…Muswell Hillbillie Responds: Hi FE Folks, After reading the two letters (FE #287, October 28, 1977) responding to my article in the August FE (#285, August, 1977), I have decided to abandon the use of the term …

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Industrialism & Domestication

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Fifth Estate # 287, October 28, 1977

// Share this on…In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the rise of capitalism was met by bitter and intense resistance. Its establishment was only effectuated by the imposition of the factory system as a method of social control. …

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New York, New York

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Fifth Estate # 285, August, 1977

// Share this on…“Amid All the Camaraderie is Much Looting this Time; Seeing the City Disappear.” —Wall Street Journal headline, July 15 The Journal went on to quote a cop on what he saw, as the great Bastille Day break-out …

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Notes on Captivity

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Fifth Estate # 284, July, 1977

// Share this on…“Few books today are forgivable. Black on the canvas, silence on the screen, an empty white sheet of paper, are perhaps feasible.” — R.D. Laing, The Politics of Experience // Share this on…

Medieval Revolts against Church and State

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Fifth Estate # 274, July 1976

// Share this on…In a fairly recent booklet, I came across a very standard view of pre-modern class society. It was stated that the life of the individual was completely controlled, and based on something quite external to him. “The …

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“Revolt Against Work” or the End of Leftism?

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Fifth Estate # 281, March, 1977

// Share this on…FE Note. The December 1976 Fifth Estate carried a critique by Charles Reeve (see “The Revolt Against Work or Fight for the Right to Be Lazy,” p. 9) of the contentions of John and Paula Zerzan that …

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Who Killed Ned Ludd?

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Fifth Estate # 271, April, 1976

// Share this on…The argument that the advent of capitalism brought a rise in the standard of living for workers has been refuted before, but is shown graphically in these two prints. Prior to the dominance of the capitalist economy …

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Examining Zerzan

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Fifth Estate # 368-369, Spring-Summer, 2005

// Share this on…Much of primitivist theorist John Zerzan’s early work appeared in the Fifth Estate. His Cassandra-like predictions of imminent collapse of modern society began in 1976 with his FE article, “The Decline and Fall of Everything”–a compendium of …

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The Decline and Fall of Everything

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Fifth Estate # 268, January, 1976

// Share this on…The landscape of capitalism is a global one, existing everywhere with only minor variations. But this universal reign of the paycheck and the price-tag is approaching a state of crisis, becoming noticeable to all but those whose …

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