Move Over Nestor Makhno!


Fifth Estate # 413, Spring, 2023

She was known as either Maria or Marusya Nikiforova, a fearless and feared, bad-ass Ukrainian anarchist warrior who led her own army during the Russian Civil War and peasant rebellions in the early 20th century. But few people have heard …

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An anarchist operetta set in Taiwan


Fifth Estate # 411, Spring, 2022

a review of Peter & Emma’s Bookcafe (operetta) by Lenny Kwok, 2021

An Anarchist in Poland


Fifth Estate # 400, Spring, 2018

During a recent 10 day visit to Western Poland (Wielkopolska) to do research for a novel based on my family history, I spoke with many people in the street, in bars, cafes, on trains and buses trying to understand the …

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How and why I wrote CAZZAROLA!


Fifth Estate # 392, Fall/Winter 2014 - Art & Anarchy

As an anarchist writer, I’m no different from other scribes who try to be socially engaged in their work and lives. I drink beer, write, and do my best to live according to my anarchist principles. And I try to …

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Hong Kong


Fifth Estate # 381, Summer-Fall 2009

Hong Kong, a steamy, enchanting, green pearl of an island with an amazingly efficient public transit system is also the ultimate temple to last gasp, fast buck, crass consumerism. Mega-towering, teetering, multi-national corporate headquarters ablaze with over-sized neon logos that …

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Lessons from a 7-foot Penis


Fifth Estate # 389, Summer, 2013

I came home one night many years ago to find my then girlfriend crying on the couch. “What happened?” I asked. “Nothing. Just some guy in the street.” “What did he do to you?”

The Orchestra


Fifth Estate # 388, Winter, 2013

7:58 pm in this quiet, working class Montreal residential neighbourhood the orchestra starts