Rebellions Rock the World


Fifth Estate # 405, Winter, 2020

In the latter half of 2019, the streets of Hong Kong, Santiago, Barcelona, Baghdad, London, Paris, and Beirut were flooded with huge demonstrations demanding reforms or the removal of politicians.

Elections have consequences


Fifth Estate # 402, Winter 2019

“If voting could change anything, it would be illegal.” —Anarchist anti-electoral slogan It’s difficult to imagine that there isn’t at least some joy, even among the most ardent electoral abstentionists, about the losses Donald Trump and the Republicans suffered in …

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Anarchists & Guns


Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018

“Workingmen: Arm yourselves and appear in full force!” —1886 Haymarket leaflet The initial clamor about controlling gun violence following the horrible mass shooting at Parkland, Fla. high school this February mostly subsided following huge demonstrations of students across the country …

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Antifa Author Mark Bray Meets the Professors


Fifth Estate # 400, Spring, 2018

Related: see “Anti-Fascism 101,” FE #400, Spring, 2018. About 100 people filled a small auditorium at Detroit’s Wayne State University, October 17, to hear a talk by Mark Bray, a Dartmouth College lecturer on human rights and author of Antifa: …

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In Defense of Self-Defense


Fifth Estate # 399, Fall, 2017

THWACK! My fighting stick landed exactly where I aimed it—diagonally across the face of a fascist who was trying to rip down a banner a friend and I were holding, to which the stick was attached.