Technology and Capitalism


Fifth Estate # 292, June 19, 1978

a review of David F. Noble, America by Design: Science, Technology, and the Rise of Corporate Capitalism (N.Y.: Knopf, 1977). 384 pages, $12.95.

Worker Kills Boss


Fifth Estate # 289, January 24, 1978

The western Massachusetts area was rocked on Monday, October 10, with the news that a 31 year-old drill press operator at the Springfield American Bosch airplane and truck parts plant had returned from lunch with a .22 caliber rifle and …

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Mass Insurrection Centennial


Fifth Estate # 284, July, 1977

On July 16, 1877, railroad workers in Martinsburg, West Virginia, walked off their jobs in response to a 10% wage cut instituted by the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. Wage cuts had become common practice on the railroads, in fact throughout …

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The New Family Therapy


Fifth Estate # 282, April-May, 1977

“The development of capital is delinquency and madness. Now everything is permitted; there are no longer taboos, bans. But, in living out various ‘perversions, men and women can lose themselves, destroy themselves, and no longer be operational’ for capital; out …

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Anything new in the “Revolt Against Work?”


Fifth Estate # 280, February 1977

Charles Reeve has raised a number of important questions in his critique of John Zerzan’s “Unions Against Revolution.” [See The “Revolt Against Work” or Fight for the Right to be Lazy (FE 279, December, 1976).] These questions should not be …

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Fifth Estate # 278, November, 1976

Zerowork No. 1; Available from P.O. Box 515, Station C, Toronto, Ontario, Canada or through Ammunition Books (see further in this issue). The last few years have seen the appearance of few new journals, even fewer of which are worth …

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Westinghouse Wildcat


Fifth Estate # 276, September 1976

By the beginning of the second shift on Monday July 12, the huge East Pittsburgh Works of the Westinghouse Electric Company was shut tight by a wildcat strike of production workers.

The Emergence of a UAW Local


Fifth Estate # 275, August, 1976

A review of The Emergence of a UAW Local, 1936-1939: A study in class and culture by Peter Friedlander

Haymarket Square Riot (response)


Fifth Estate # 274, July 1976

Response to: A Bicentennial moment: Haymarket Square Riot by Bob Nirkind, Fifth Estate #272, May, 1976, Vol. 11, No. 8, page 10