Latin-American Terror


Fifth Estate # 310, Fall 1982

// Share this on…When the founder of organized zionism, Theodore Herzl, proposed to create a European Jewish state in the Middle East as “an outpost of civilization as opposed to barbarism,” he was acting within a western tradition. It is …

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Dismantling the Nuclear State


Fifth Estate # 309, June 19, 1982

// Share this on…For too long we have gone on like sleepwalkers as the weapons of total extermination were manufactured and readied. Now it is becoming clear to even the most myopic that nuclear war threatens not only the present …

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Under the Lasch


Fifth Estate # 301, February 26, 1980

// Share this on…In response to “Lasch: Theory of Passivity Stumbles” by Bob Brubaker, in this issue, page 6. // Share this on…

Eight Theses on Nuclearism


Fifth Estate # 297, April 18, 1979

// Share this on…This special section of the Fifth Estate Newspaper was produced shortly after the April 1979 disastrous events took place at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant at Middletown, Pennsylvania. // Share this on…

Death in Guyana


Fifth Estate # 296, January 29, 1979

// Share this on…I The flash has passed and the pan is cold. All the late editions have been put to bed; the suicides lie snugly decomposing in their graves. Only the sense of queasy anticipation remains: what next? // …

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Culture Shock: Detroit


Fifth Estate # 286, September, 1977

// Share this on…1 LOVE Culture shock: back in Detroit, my life of freedom lies neglected as I de-mothball the artifacts of this daily life. One always returns to Detroit; everyone told me, “You’ll be back,” just as they snicker …

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U.S. Out of the Americas!


Fifth Estate # 315, Winter, 1984

// Share this on…How could anyone fail to notice the sickening irony in the announcement from U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz that no reprisals would be taken against Nicaragua for shooting down an unmarked U.S. military helicopter and killing …

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Indigenism & its Enemies


Fifth Estate # 306, July, 1981

// Share this on…indigenous, adj. 1. Occurring or living naturally in an area; not introduced; native. 2. Intrinsic; innate. [From Latin indigena, native. See indigene. // Share this on…

Christopher Lasch’s “War of All Against All”


Fifth Estate # 299, October 22, 1979

// Share this on…a review of Christopher Lasch, The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations (New York: Norton, 1979) // Share this on…

Mexican Oil Spill Disaster


Fifth Estate # 299, October 22, 1979

// Share this on…The gruesome tailspin of industrialism continues unabated in every sphere. Industrial society is at a malignant stage of decline with events like the Ixtoc 1 oil disaster providing all the more evidence of its impending collapse. // …

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