The Shoplifter’s Prayer


Fifth Estate # 351, Summer 1998

May the intercession of the glorious gift, o holy Thief, free us from the bitter commodity & deliver us from the spiritual anorexia of capitalism— O my goddess of perpetual potlatch, protect us today & always from the police, the …

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Reactionary Queers?

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Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

Can sexuality define our politics or can politics define our sexuality? Can heterosexuals identify as queer or homosexuals as straight? Are sexual attitudes biologically based or socially constructed? Did last issue’s “Queer Anarchy” focus destroy barriers or build them?

Queer Anarchy Coming Out

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Fifth Estate # 342, Summer 1993

Once upon a time in the future, perhaps closer than we dare dream, parents do not own children. Children are exposed to a kaleidoscope of possible relationships, and grow up in a world where they witness and freely experiment in …

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