Nature Strikes Back!


Fifth Estate # 344, Summer, 1994

Talking about the weather just isn’t what it used to be. These days it is no longer a diversion. A January cold wave of historical dimensions resulted in all-time record lows in places such as Pittsburgh, Louisville and Indianapolis, records …

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Reactionary Queers?

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Fifth Estate # 343, Fall-Winter, 1993

Can sexuality define our politics or can politics define our sexuality? Can heterosexuals identify as queer or homosexuals as straight? Are sexual attitudes biologically based or socially constructed? Did last issue’s “Queer Anarchy” focus destroy barriers or build them?

Has Booze Brought the Blues?


Fifth Estate # 342, Summer 1993

One of the major topics debated in this newspaper and others like it is the reason(s) for the dramatic change in social organization during the transition from “primitive” societies to the “modern” one. Most contemporary anthropological accounts agree that the …

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Marxism & Ecofeminism: An Exchange

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Fifth Estate # 340, Autumn 1992

FE NOTE: The following exchange concerns an interview done by Ariel Salleh with German ecofeminist author-activist Maria Mies, titled “Patriarchy and Progress: A Critique of Technological Domination,” and printed in FE #338, Winter 1992.

People’s Park


Fifth Estate # 338, Winter, 1992

Confrontations over a contested Berkeley lot “legally” owned by the University of California (U.C.), known as People’s Park, continues. But increasingly, University and City attempts to reassert the rules of private property are succeeding.

JFK: Cold Warrior


Fifth Estate # 339, Spring, 1992

“I shall never be able to forget where I was standing on that dramatic day when President John Fitzgerald Kennedy nearly killed me. It was during the nuclear confrontation that arose out of his war on Cuba.” —Christopher Hitchens in …

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