British Anarchists Found Not Guilty


Fifth Estate # 301, February 26, 1980

INTRODUCTION The trial lasted 61 days, but in December a hand-picked jury pulled off a major surprise by finding four anarchist defendants in the British “Persons Unknown” trial not guilty!

Stefano Della Chiaie


Fifth Estate # 326, Summer, 1987

A karate blow by a young Venezuelan policewoman to an escaping suspect brought an ignominious end to the career of the world’s most lethal terrorist. Stefano Delle Chiaie is the machiavellian figure behind numerous murderous outrages in Europe, Africa and …

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Antonio Tellez Sola


Fifth Estate # 370, Fall 2005

Antonio Tellez Sola died at his home in France at 84. He was one of the last survivors of the Spanish anarchist resistance which fought to overthrow the Franco dictatorship in Spain following the fascist triumph in 1939. He was …

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