Laughter of the Sinners


Fifth Estate # 411, Spring, 2022

a review of Lives of the Saints by Alan Franklin. Black and Red, Detroit, 2022 Alan Franklin dropped his book, Lives of the Saints, into a world where the final years of the last century seem like a distant dream. …

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The Culture is a Cult


Fifth Estate # 349, Summer 1997

The recent mass suicide by 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate group created a fabulous media feeding frenzy of apocalyptic proportions. An occurrence as certifiably weird as this could not be confined to the check-out-counter tabloids: it was top-of-the-hour evening …

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Nevada Test Site


Fifth Estate # 332, Summer, 1989

Throughout the Pentagon’s preparations for nuclear war, it has waged genocide on the Earth and native people. As of 1987, the U.S. and Great Britain had exploded 670 nuclear bombs on Newe Segobia, the Western Shoshone Nation. All the nuclear …

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The revolution will be a festival


Fifth Estate # 361, Summer 2003

“Free festivals are a threat to mainstream capitalist society in amerika. Anyone questioning the commodification of our public lands and national forests, anyone who believes in the right to peaceably assemble, or anyone supporting a worldview where human rights come …

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Someday the power will die


Fifth Estate # 360, Spring, 2003

“Someday the power will die the lights will fade… the stars will shine… WE ALREADY LIVE IN RUINS” I recently sat down to a dinner of roadkill venison. As an ex-vegetarian who occasionally eats fish or poultry, I did not …

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The World Says No to War


Fifth Estate # 360, Spring, 2003

World wide resistance to Bush II’s war of conquest and empire is growing. On February 15th, in the largest single day of protest ever, an estimated 10 to 30 million people took to the streets across the world to prevent …

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Anarchy & the Spirit


Fifth Estate # 359, Winter, 2002-2003

“For those who would see directly into essential nature, the idea of the sacred is a delusion & abstraction: it diverts us from seeing what is before our eyes: plain thusness. No hierarchy, no equality. No occult & exoteric, no …

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Summer on Fire


Fifth Estate # 409, Summer, 2021

a review of Summer on Fire: A Detroit Novel by Peter Werbe. Black & Red 2021

Think Brown


Fifth Estate # 357, Summer 2002

Discussed in this article Joe Jenkins, The Humanure Handbook. Jenkins Publishing: PO Box 607, Grove City, PA 16127 ( To order, call the distributor (1-800) 639-4099. First published in the mid-1990s, Joe Jenkins’ Humanure Handbook—now in a second printing and …

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News & Reviews


Fifth Estate # 357, Summer 2002

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