A Treatise on Electronic Anarchy & the Net


Fifth Estate # 345, Winter, 1995

“Every year of her life…the Net had been growing more expansive and seamless. Computers did it. Computers melted other machines, fusing them together. Television-telephone-telex. Tape recorder-VCR-laser disk. Broadcast tower linked to microwave dish linked to satellite. Phone line, cable TV, …

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404 Is Dead!


Fifth Estate # 344, Summer, 1994

After 3 years of action, an anarchist center closes its doors, but a more ambitious project opens down the street. // Share this on…

Can a computer virus create anarchy?


Fifth Estate # 342, Summer 1993

“You could say that cyberpunk is intrinsically anarchistic. It’s endlessly anti-authoritarian, and it can be employed like a weapon, like a computer virus, injecting new information by means of the existing mechanisms. The pop image of anarchism has always been …

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Pornography & Pleasure


Fifth Estate # 340, Autumn 1992

After years of reading essays in the seemingly endless debate over pornography in the feminist and anarchist milieu, one of many questions reverberates with the most resonance for me: will pornography exist in utopia? // Share this on…

Law & Religion: An Awful Combination


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

Last year, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to permit the display of the biblical Ten Commandments in schools as part of larger legislative efforts to combat youth violence. // Share this on…

Compromising and Computing


Fifth Estate # 354, Spring, 2000

Staff writers at the Fifth Estate collective have been vigorous critics of technology for more than two decades. Rather than isolate particular tools or situations for a contextual attack, our challenges to the totalitarian tenets of the megamachine look to …

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Operation Gender Blur


Fifth Estate # 336, Spring, 1991

a review of Bisexuality: A Reader and Sourcebook edited by Thomas Geller (available for $10.95 from Times Change Press c/o Publishers Services, Box 2510, Novato, CA 94948 or the FE Bookstore) // Share this on…

Anarchy in San Francisco

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Fifth Estate # 333, Winter, 1990

Introduction “Without Borders,” this year’s Anarchist Conference and Festival was held in San Francisco from July 20th to 25th. Taking place at the Horace Mann Middle School in the city’s Mission District, the gathering drew somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 …

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Passionate Mudplay


Fifth Estate # 347, Spring, 1996

Every day for a week I peruse the crumpled quarter-page announcement I’ve been carrying around in my wallet. “MUDPEOPLE: 10th Anniversary…We supply mud. Wear as little as possible. Bring drinks, food, towels, friends, wildness. Finally, the day is here. // …

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This is what Anarchy Looks Like


Fifth Estate # 364, Spring, 2004

The forces of capital have once again called upon their storm troopers and talking heads to physically and symbolically crush the growing, global anti-capitalist movement. In the United States, building from the tragic embarrassment of September 11 and overreacting to …

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