Operation Gender Blur


Fifth Estate # 336, Spring, 1991

a review of Bisexuality: A Reader and Sourcebook edited by Thomas Geller (available for $10.95 from Times Change Press c/o Publishers Services, Box 2510, Novato, CA 94948 or the FE Bookstore)

Anarchy in San Francisco

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Fifth Estate # 333, Winter, 1990

Introduction “Without Borders,” this year’s Anarchist Conference and Festival was held in San Francisco from July 20th to 25th. Taking place at the Horace Mann Middle School in the city’s Mission District, the gathering drew somewhere between 1,000 and 3,000 …

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Passionate Mudplay


Fifth Estate # 347, Spring, 1996

Every day for a week I peruse the crumpled quarter-page announcement I’ve been carrying around in my wallet. “MUDPEOPLE: 10th Anniversary…We supply mud. Wear as little as possible. Bring drinks, food, towels, friends, wildness. Finally, the day is here.

This is what Anarchy Looks Like


Fifth Estate # 364, Spring, 2004

The forces of capital have once again called upon their storm troopers and talking heads to physically and symbolically crush the growing, global anti-capitalist movement. In the United States, building from the tragic embarrassment of September 11 and overreacting to …

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Fifth Estate # 365, Summer, 2004

“If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer; but if he spends his whole day as a speculator, shearing off those woods and …

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De-schooling the de-schoolers


Fifth Estate # 366, Fall, 2004

Schooling in an authoritarian society is often demeaning and determined to inculcate ignorance and obedience. When schooling fails, we deem it a social disaster. But without a viable alternative, the subversion that sneaks inside the doors and out from under …

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Everybody but Bush

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Fifth Estate # 366, Fall, 2004

Don LaCoss The election is already over and we have lost. The name of the president for the next four years won’t be announced until November 3, but I know right now that the guy who won is a white …

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Letter from Pumpkin Hollow


Fifth Estate # 350, Fall, 1997

Pumpkin Hollow, Tenn.—I’m trying to pick this narrative up off the gravel road, gyrating back into the woods. This odyssey of drift must stop somewhere; that somewhere is here. Perhaps my nomadic motion can continue in psychic space as my …

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Love Note for Allen Ginsberg


Fifth Estate # 350, Fall, 1997

Dear Allen, Are you really dead? I don’t believe it. My hands are black with ink & my eyes are wet with the sting of The New York Times front page. You are embalmed in the headlines as “Countercultural Guru” …

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404 Willis: Detroit’s Autonomous Zone


Fifth Estate # 339, Spring, 1992

In May 1992, 404 Willis will celebrate its first anniversary as a collectively-run community center and autonomous zone in Detroit’s Cass Corridor. The evolution of 404 has been the combined effort of many individuals united in their desire to create …

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