The Swimmer


Fifth Estate # 59, August 1-14, 1968

Share this on… Eleanor and Frank Perry, who made “David and Lisa,” have come out with a new film called “The Swimmer.” Although it does not resemble, or live up to, their previous effort, it’s a better movie than most

Elvira Madigan


Fifth Estate # 58, July 18-31, 1968

Share this on… “Elvira Madigan,” as advertised, may well be the most beautiful movie ever made. In any event, it is one of the most popular foreign films to come to Detroit in quite a while. However, I have a

Green Berets Invade Detroit


Fifth Estate # 57, July 4-18, 1968

Share this on… John Wayne BIFF! has made a new movie POW! called “The Green Berets” AAP! It’s currently appearing at the Adams Theatre, and I want all you weak-kneed, yellow-bellied draft dodgers out there to double time down to

The Stranger


Fifth Estate # 56, June 19-July 1, 1968

Share this on… I have yet to read a really worthwhile movie review of “The Stranger,” and I’m not sure I can remedy the situation. Share this on…

Planet of the Apes


Fifth Estate # 55, June 4-18, 1968

Share this on… “Planet of the Apes” may turn out to be the “Bonnie and Clyde” of 1968. Many film critics, after giving the picture an unfavorable review, are beginning to have second thoughts about it. Share this on…

A Space Trip


Fifth Estate # 53, May 1-15, 1968

Share this on… I’m afraid that Stanley Kubrick, who directed “Doctor Strangelove” and “Paths of Glory,” has NOT done it again. His new film, “2001: A Space Odyssey,” currently appearing downtown at the Summit Cinerama, cost more than 10 million

Belle de Jour


Fifth Estate # 63, October 3-16, 1968

Share this on… If Luis Bunuel had not directed “Belle de Jour,” it probably would have turned out to be nothing more than a case history from the pages of Krafft-Ebbing. On the very surface it merely tells the story

Fifth Estater Reports on European Travels


Fifth Estate # 39, October 1-15, 1967

Share this on… To be a teenager in western Europe today is to enjoy a freedom of movement only dreamed about by American young people. During the summer, while most American kids are sitting home watching reruns on T.V., their

Legal Trip at Hudson’s


Fifth Estate # 38, September 15-30, 1967

Share this on… Between now and October 9th the J.L. Hudson Gallery is offering the public a legal trip via the work of Michelangelo Pistoletto. Share this on…

“Poor Cow”


Fifth Estate # 62, Sept. 19-Oct. 2, 1968

Share this on… To get some idea of what “Poor Cow” is like, one need only imagine what “Elvira Madigan” would have been like if it had been filmed in the slums of London. Share this on…

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