Against agriculture


Fifth Estate # 360, Spring, 2003

  Related: see “Anarchy, food and sustainability” (theme intro) in this issue. It doesn’t take a health food nut to see that modern society has a dysfunctional relationship with food. As in almost every other arena of life, our priorities …

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Who will tell the people?


Fifth Estate # 359, Winter, 2002-2003

In mid October, I met up with radical songwriter David Rovics on the US Out of Colombia roadshow. He and his singing partner Allie Rosenblatt provided a musical backdrop to this powerful traveling presentation, which featured a descriptive slideshow and …

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Anarchist Summer Camp in Kansas


Fifth Estate # 358, Fall, 2002

On June 6 through 9, this summer’s North American Anarchist Gathering (NAAG) outside Lawrence, Kansas provided quite a contrast to the last one held in August 2000 during the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles, amid one of the most …

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